Why do I need a stylus?
Using a stylus offers 3 main benefits:

  • A stylus enhances your tablet experience by making it more natural and intuitive to write, browse and draw on your device. We were trained to use a pen after all, and have grown accustomed to the balance and angle of using a pen. Using a stylus recreates that feeling and means no more writing with your fingers for long hours. Research has shown that using fingers to write on tablets for long hours may cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • It's more hygienic. No more touching the screen with your fingers and also less oil build-up on your screen. Germ and bacteria growth increases, especially when the screen is shared among people all using their fingers.
  • Care for your screen. With a stylus, the soft silicon rubber tip glides and taps on the surface easily, greatly lowering the risk of scratching it with fingernails.

Visit the Why I Use A Stylus page to find out more about why people use a stylus with their iPad and other touchscreen devices.
How does a stylus improve what I do?
A stylus offers you better control over what you write and draw. More importantly, when you use a stylus, you will have better visibility of your entire screen since your palm no longer obstructs your view. For tablets, having a much larger surface than a mobile phone, using a suitably long stylus also gives you more reach, so that your finger doesn't have to move that extra distance unnecessarily.
Who should use a stylus?
Anybody. A stylus is especially useful for people who are serious about taking notes or drawing on their device. A stylus also makes basic tasks like flipping pages and browsing more convenient and less tiring.
What makes a good stylus / Which is the right stylus for me?
A good stylus should write easily on your device and not make unpleasant screeching sounds. Ergonomics is another key factor, the stylus should also be well balanced when held in your hand, so that you can use it longer.
Does each Architect come with a carrying case?
No, purchase of the carrying case is optional.
Does the Architect stylus work with screen protectors?
Yes. The Architect stylus does work with screen protectors. However, the degree of smoothness and sensitivity varies between screen protector. This is the same for all other stylus on the market. Designers and artists have also told us that they avoid using screen protectors when drawing on the iPad and other tablets as they feel it lowers the sensitivity.
How can I prolong the life of my stylus tip?
Oil, perspiration and dirt wears down the tip faster. Try not to touch the stylus tip with your fingertips. If stylus performance has become undesirable, consider cleaning your screen with a microfiber cloth first. Remember to cap the Architect stylus after use.
When do you ship and how long does delivery take?
Please refer to our shipping page for more information.
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