"Wallet Stand Proves There's Hope for Novelty iPhone Cases"
19th July 2012
Source: Gizmodo
In general, we despise iPhone cases, but the Wallet Stand is so genius that we might actually buy it (...)

As its name implies, the case is both a wallet and a stand, built into a protective case for your iPhone. It's certainly not the first multi-function case to do these things. It just actually does them intelligently, so that it's more useful than the typical gimmick. Read More.
"Our Favorite Electronic Gifts and Accessories"
December 2012
Source: Better Homes and Gardens
The Emote Stylus was chosen as one of Better Homes and Gardens' favourite electrionic gifts and accessories for the holidays.

Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) is the fourth best selling magazine in the United States. You can find the Emote Stylus in the 2012 Decemeber issue of BHG. Read More.
"The Arctic Emote Stylus May Be The Perfect Stocking Stuffer"
17th November 2012
Source: App Advice
Seriously. The colors and designs are perfect. (...)

The Emote works very smoothly with both my iPhone and iPad. It glides along effortlessly, and there is no need to press hard at all. But, just in case you press too hard or wear it down, it also comes with a replacement stylus tip. Read More.
"You Won't Find Better Styluses than the Architect and the Emote from Arctic"
6th September 2012
Source: PadGadget
A comfortable stylus will make for comfortable writing, and the key to a comfortable stylus is one that has the right shape, size, and heft. If you're in need of the perfect stylus, consider the Architect and the Emote from Arctic.

(...) Both of these styluses are impressive writing devices. They're high quality, look great, and write well. If you want the ultimate in minimalist style and comfort, go with the Architect. If you like a bit more color in your life, need a stylus that performs multiple functions, and has a significant heft to it, then the Emote is a great choice. Read More.
Best of 2011
Arctic Accessories is proud to have the Architect Stylus featured in several Best of 2011 lists including:

- Fast Company's The Best of Wanted 2011
- Vanity Fair's Holiday Design Guide 2011
"... great to use, and appeals to everyone's eye"
22nd December 2011
Source: The Gadget Site
The (Architect) stylus is also very accurate and slides smoothly across the screen during fast note-taking or sketches. I was able to get some detailed sketches from the stylus, indicating it's superior accuracy (...) Used with the iPad, they are a great couple. Above all, the stylus provides accurate and smooth writing on all touchscreens, provided it's a capacitive one. Read More.
"All in all the Architect Stylus is perhaps the most 'Apple-looking' stylus to date"
17th December 2011
Source: Nothing But Tablets
Its unibody aluminum design goes very well with the iPad, and the simplistic rounded look with nothing sticking out simply makes it look very Apple. (...) The rubber nib is very accurate, just as you would expect from a premium stylus like this. Read More.
"... will definetely be a favorite among architects and designers"
6th December 2011
Source: Design You Trust
With bunch of cheap generic stylus designs out there, Architect Stylus by Arctic Accessories will definetely be a favorite among architects and designers and others (that) prefer a distinctive style with their iPad. Find Out More.
Vanity Fair Holiday Design Guide
1st December 2011
Source: Vanity Fair
Each December, VF.com design editor Hamish Robertson picks the sleekest, most aesthetically pleasing items for work, play, and home - from lightbulb speakers to leather journals. Arctic Accessories is proud to have the Architect Stylus featured in the guide. Find Out More.
"Cyber Monday with Architect Stylus"
28th November 2011
Source: PadGadget
The clean lines and unique design complement the iPad nicely, making it an attractive addition to your accessory lineup. (...) My kids and I used one of the units with our iPad 2 briefly yesterday afternoon and really liked the feel. It was easy to jot down a few notes using Evernote and my kids had fun using it for Drawing Pad. Read More.
"Wanted: A Chic Stylus For Drawing On iPads With Hyper Precision"
24th October 2011
Source: Fast Company
There are a bunch of models on the market, ranging in feel from a fat crayon to a ballpoint pen. Maybe the slickest comes from Pedro Gomes, who designed the Architect out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. (...) The Architect could be mistaken for a classy pen, with an anodized matte finish. All in all, an instrument you might find in the refined hand of Renzo Piano. The cap--which has a clever loop--protects a smooth 9.5-millimeter rubber tip. Read More.
"... seems that a new stylus might be joining the stylus elite"
21st October 2011
Source: Nothing But Tablets
We like covering "high end" styli here on NBT (...) What separates these from the rest is that they're not the same awful generic designs that all the cheap brands sell, and that is very noticeable when you use them. Well, it seems that a new stylus might be joining the stylus elite - the Architect Stylus from Arctic Accessories. Read More.
"Architect Stylus. The Ladies Love It"
19th October 2011
Source: Wired
The capacitive stylus has turned out to be surprisingly useful for a lot of things, but up until now it was never a flirting tool. That's about to change with the Architect Stylus, a pen which appears to send horny, espresso-sipping hotties into spasms of barely-concealed desire. (...) The Architect Stylus is handsome, though. It has a lanyard-able cap which unscrews to reveal a soft silicone tip. These tips glide a lot better over glassy screens than the foam ones found on other styluses. Read More.
"The Architect Stylus is sort of like the Mont Blanc of the stylus world"
18th October 2011
Source: Yanko Design
The day is coming when people are judged for their choice of stylus as much as they are for their favorite pen. The Architect Stylus is sort of like the Mont Blanc of the stylus world, only it doesn't have the price tag and... your grandfather probably isn't interested in owning one. The dual purpose cap protects the silicon tip and can also be tethered to a lanyard so the user can take it anywhere. An anodized, aircraft grade aluminum surface has a smooth, matte finish that gives it an appealing, tactile feel. Read More.
"Arctic's Aluminum Architect Stylus Makes All Others Jealous "
18th October 2011
Source: GadgetMac
Up until now, I thought styluses couldn't possibly get more creative and unique. That has changed with the Architect stylus though. The Architect stylus by Arctic is a designers stylus designed to work with all capacitive touchscreen devices using a soft 7mm silicone rubber tip offering a smooth, silent and accurate writing and sketching experience. The Architect was designed to have perfect balance in the hand using a rounded style body much like the Adonit Jot stylus, and constructed using anodized aluminum with simple clean lines and a distinctive twisting protective tip cap featuring a black lanyard loop hole. This is one good looking stylus if you ask me. Read More.
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